Psychiatrist in Plano Texas
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Our Mission

We welcome you at Premier Psychiatric and Sleep Medicine Associates PLLC website. We are a family owned group of board certified physician located in Plano, TX. Our mission is to provide comprehensive and integrated highest quality of mental health, substance abuse and sleep disorders treatment / care for Adults, Adolescents and Children. Through a combination of compassion, knowledge and respect we will help promote the health and quality of individuals in our community helping you lead happier and healthier lives.

Our Vision

At Premier Psychiatric and Sleep Medicine Associates, PLLC we believe that optimal mental health, high-quality restorative sleep and a life free of substance abuse is an essential part of the healthy living. We are committed to provide services focus on �care and compassion� for individuals needing care. We not only provide most up-to-date treatment and crisis intervention but also strongly consider prevention and education as important components of our philosophy.

Our Goal

To provide comprehensive treatment in a protected, conducive and therapeutic environment
To provide intervention in crisis situations and emergency circumstances
To provide a continuity of Care
To provide counseling and psychotherapy focusing on developing individual strengths and coping skills to deal with the everyday challenges of the life
To maintain and enhance collaboration with primary care provider to ensure multidisciplinary treatment and continuity of care

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Service Area: Plano, TX, North Dallas